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Weider Ultimate Body Works

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Weider Ultimate Body Works by Icon Health and Fitness Inc.
List Price:
Our Price: $129.99
Available from Walmart - Click More Info / Buy Now to check for price rollbacks!
Price Last Updated : 11-23-2017

  • Adjustable incline bench
  • Includes workout guide with over 100 body-shaping exercises
  • SpaceSaver design

  • Reader Reviews
    I've had this piece equipment for three days, and I must say that I'm very impressed so far. It's sturdy, it has a hefty weight to it, and for the price-tag, it does not feel flimsy or cheap. While the instructions state that it takes two people to safely assemble the unit, I was able to accomplish the task solo. All in all, there are more pros than cons to this product, but any minuses (of which I have just a minor one) are manageable and adaptable. For the purpose of this review, I am female, 5'3\", 120#, and I work out four times a week (running and lighter strength training). A few key points: The padded bench is comfortable enough for an hour's workout. I felt no pain/strain on my back at all. The glide of the bench is smooth. The pulley-handles, while comfortable enough, are not padded, so they may cause a strain on the hands after a while, but nothing a little foam tubing can't fix (think pipe insulation, or \"noodle inch pool toys cut to fit the handles), or simply wear padded workout gloves. The resistance is delivered via bungee cords, there are four separate cords. You can use all of them for full resistance, some for lighter resistance, or none at all and using your own body weight for resistance. I'm unsure of how long the bungees will last, but they would be easily replaceable with bulk cut-to-fit bungee cord sold at home improvement stores given that the bungees are simply knotted onto the underside of the bench on one side, and onto rubber cord-ends down at the bottom by the foot-plate. The foot-plate is too short for me to do proper squats. Its height does not allow for my knees to remain directly over my ankles, thereby producing an unsafe squatting position, so I simply do squats on my stairs, as always. That being said, the foot-plate is useful for other exercises like calf-raises, Pilates pliƩs, one-leg side squats, and of course, for maintaining balance on the apparatus. The handlebars at the top are nice for lat pull-ups (face-down or face-up), to anchor yourself for leg-raises and ab work, and it can be used at the bottom of the apparatus, replacing the foot-plate, for modified push-ups. Measurements: Fully extended, at its lowest point - 87.5\"L x 25\"H x 21.25W Fully extended, at its highest point - 79\"L x 51.5\"H x 21.25W Fully compacted, for storage - 57.5\"L x 7\"H x 21.25W If you have a dedicated space for the apparatus, and are able to keep it set up for use at all times, that is ideal. I, however, live in a condo, and as I use the apparatus in my living room, I do have to put it away when not in use. It's a bit of an inconvenience, especially after my limbs and muscles are tired from the workout, but it's certainly doable, and the compacted size fits easily in a closet. I'm quite satisfied with this product, and I would recommend it to those at a beginner/intermediate level of lighter strength training. While it does not provide enough resistance for bulking up, it is perfect for lean shaping of the muscles and keeping them toned. I would have added more detailed photos, but the review allows for only two photos.

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    Weider Ultimate Body Works
    by Icon Health and Fitness Inc.
    Available from Walmart - Click More Info / Buy Now to check for price rollbacks!
    Price: $129.99
    on 11-23-2017
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