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Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

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Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots by Teeter
List Price:
Our Price: $99.99
Available from Walmart - Click More Info / Buy Now to check for price rollbacks!
Price Last Updated : 7-17-2018

  • Dual, Self-Locking Buckles ratchet the boots securely around the ankle/lower calf area
  • Super-Soft 5/8 inch Foam Liners are a special blend to give maximum comfort with minimum compression

  • Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots
    • Interior is lined with 5/8 inch thick soft foam to minimize pressure on the feet and ankles.
    • Lightweight and durable DuPont Hytrel material for easy portability - weighs just 2 lbs. each!
    • Unmatched strength with 40% glass/nylon alloy material in the hooks and Calf Loops. 
    • Dual self-locking, ratchet buckles for customized, secure fit.
    • One size fits most with adjustable straps (suitable for calves up to 16 in. circumference)
    • Includes optional Calf Loops that promote even weight distribution for more comfort. 
    • Use at home with the Teeter EZ-Up Inversion & Chin-Up Rack (sold separately) or in the gym on appropriately sized bars.*
    • FDA Registered 510(k) Device
    • Full-color Owner's Manual and Getting Started DVD included. 
    • 5-year full manufacturer's warranty.
    • *Maximum bar diameter of 1.25 inch (3.2 cm), weight-rated hanging bar required for use with EZ-Up Gravity Boots. Ensure a secure, durable platform before attempting inversion on non-Teeter equipment.

    Reader Reviews
    Similar to reviewer Wally B's experience with his boot straps breaking, all four retaining/ratchet straps on my boots broke on the same day, 3 Feb 2017, as I was trying to tighten them, one after the other. I'm glad I wasn't hanging upside down when this breakage occurred. I sporadically use my inversion table, far from on a daily basis, and haven't abused it or the boots. Over the 7 years since I purchased the table and EZ-UP gravity boots in January 2010, I probably have used the table no more than 50 or so times. Other than the straps breaking, the boots are in excellent condition and so is the table. No cracked plastic on the boots (other than the straps). No decaying foam liner on the boots. Points where the straps attach appear fine. The straps are easily removed. They simply slide out. I searched online for replacemnt straps available for purchase, but none to be found. Finally called Teeter customer service on 8 Feb 2017 after filing an online problem report with Teeter on 5 Feb 2017 about the strap breakage.The Teeter customer rep I spoke with was polite enough, but reminded me of the 5 year warranty and my boots being out of warranty. She told me I would have to send the boots in at my own expense, and the straps would be replaced at no cost. I asked her if straps could be sent to me instead, as I could easily insert them myself at connection point. She said that's against company policy due to potential liablity issues if something else is wrong with the boots. BS. I politely declined the send in offer as I don't care to incur the cost of shipping.If these straps were made out of more durable plastic, perhaps a kevlar mix, or were partially constructed of metal, the straps might not have broken / dry rotted. As is and based on my experience, the strap design material, prone to dry rot and breakage, poses a potential danger to the consumer after x amount of years or x amount of usage. Alternative, non-Teeter boots exist on the market that appear to be of better construction, at least when it comes to connection/tightening methods, and that's what I will pursue, even though they may turn out to be less comfortable than the Teeter boots were.I am going to file a report with regarding my experience with these boots and the potential danger they pose to owners. Either change the strap material to something more durable or design and implement a hardier and more trustworthy connection/tightening system. Perhaps if enough Teeter customers, who have experienced the same boot strap breakage as I and Wally B, file complaints with the Federal government, maybe something will be done. At very least, offer price friendly replacement straps for sale, especially to those of us for whom the warranty has run out, versus having to send the boots in for strap replacement---something just about any owner of the boots could easily do him or herself.

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    Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots
    by Teeter
    Available from Walmart - Click More Info / Buy Now to check for price rollbacks!
    Price: $99.99
    on 7-17-2018
    Purchase Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots Here  Get info on Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

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