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Wagan Power Dome EX Compact Generator by
Wagan Power Dome EX Compact Generator

The Wagan EL2454 400-Watt Power Dome EX Jumpstarter is a portable power source to run and charge your home appliances. The six heavy duty gauge cables of industrial quality are to be attached to your car battery, giving you power to start your vehicle. The reverse polarity LED will shine RED when the cables are attached incorrectly while a green light indicates that the cables are attached correctly. The AC Power Inverter provides you with 400 Watts through the AC Outlet which is fuse protected. You can recharge your MP3 player, cell phone and digital camera with this compact generator. An built-in FM radio as well as an iPod or audio input socket are provided to enjoy your favorite tunes while you work. You can inflate tires of cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, bikes and rafts in five to ten minutes with this jumpstarter with built-in air compressor.

Wagan Power Dome EX Compact Generator

  • 600 cranking amp jumpstarter
  • 260 PSI air compressor
  • two 18 amp hour DC power sources
  • two 400 watt AC power sources
  • 5 built-in LED utility lights
  • AM/FM radio with antenna
  • USB power port to charge your MP3 player, cell phone, digital camera, etc.
  • iPod / audio input socket allows you to listen to your tunes <18 AH sealed lead acid battery>
  • Heavy duty rust resistant booster clamps
  • Industrial quality #6 gauge cables
  • Safe storage for booster cables
  • Quick flow inflates 16'' tires in 5-10 minutes
  • Sports ball needles included
  • AC and DC charging adapters included
  • Quick and easy recharging time - AC: 34 hours, DC: 12 hours
  • Built-in safety features: overload and equipment protection
  • 18 amp hour sealed lead acid battery
  • Perfect for cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, bikes and rafts
  • Able to run TVs, laptops, CD players, DVD players, thermo-electric cooler/warmers, etc.
  • Recharge digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, PDAs, tools, etc.

  • Our Price: $95.27
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    Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool by
    Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

    The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool is your go-to tool for projects around the house, on the job or at the campsite. This Stainless Steel Multi-Tool features an outside-accessible blade and spring-action jaws. Made of stainless steel, this lightweight Leatherman Multi-Tool features a blade that can be opened with one hand. With plenty of useful tools, the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool is a handy addition to your toolbox.

    Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool:

    Our Price: $29.97
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    Coleman 12V QuickPump Electric Air Pump by
    Coleman 12V QuickPump Electric Air Pump

    The Coleman 12V QuickPump Air Pump is a small, but powerful tool that will save you time when it comes to properly maintaining your inflatable items. It's sleek, ergonomic design makes it easy to use. This vibrant-red Coleman air pump is high-volume pump that will inflate items such as air mattresses and pool accessories quickly. It is intended for use with a Coleman double lock valve 3, a Boston valve or pinch valves and comes with the necessary adapters needed for a proper fit. This 12v air pump is a highly convenient item to have around your home, especially if you've been relying on manual air pumps or have had to drive to a gas station to inflate a raft or a beach ball. A hose is of course included. The Coleman 12V QuickPump Air Pump gives you peace of mind and the ability to safely rely on it to get the job done.

    Coleman 12V QuickPump Electric Air Pump:

    Our Price: $17.97
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    Coleman Rechargeable Air Pump by
    Coleman Rechargeable Air Pump

    The Coleman Rechargeable Air Pump makes the job of blowing up an air mattress or pillow fast and easy. You can conveniently and effortlessly expand and deflate almost all inflatable items. It works five times faster than conventional hand and foot pumps do, so you can get to sleep or play quicker. With included adapters, this versatile Coleman rechargeable quickpump works efficiently with Coleman Double Lock, Boston, and Pinch valves. This means that in addition to air mattresses and pillows, it can be used for inflatable toys, boats, rafts and furniture. This air pump for inflatables comes with a convenient recharger that allows you to power-up the device whenever you need to. Its modern ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to operate. Lightweight, functional and portable, the Coleman Rechargeable Air Pump is an ideal choice to take with you on camping trips, vacations or a day on the lake.

    Coleman Rechargeable Air Pump:

    Our Price: $28.97
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    Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool by
    Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool

    The Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool is truly a super tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. This multi-functional Leatherman Charge Multi-Tool combines titanium handle scales and a stainless steel clip-point blade with all of the features of the original. With an elegant design, the Leatherman Multi-Tool is compact and easy to carry. The Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool provides over 21 tools, including needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, a knife, a cutting hook, scissors, a can openers, and more. With this stainless steel Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool, you can always be prepared at the job site or when doing handy work around the house. The Leatherman Charge Multi-Tool opens and closes easily, and remains securely closed when not in use. This Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool measures 3.5" long x 1.75" wide x 5" high.

    Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool:

    Our Price: $116.92
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    Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator by
    Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator

    You can breathe easy knowing you have the portable back-up power of the Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator. With the 4-stroke HX53 engine comprising 3.8HP 5500RPM 125CC Hyundai motor, the Hyundai portable generator offers 5.5 hours running time. It comes with a 16.6A 120-Volt AC outlet and 18.3A 12-Volt DC outlet for charging batteries while on the move. Crafted with an exhaust and muffler, this power inverter generator operates at just 65dB noise levels. It is lightweight, portable and runs multiple small electric items at once, making it suitable for camping and outdoor events. With built-in circuit breaker and overload protection, this heavy duty generator makes an ideal power source for your portable devices. The Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator also includes vehicle battery charge cables and delivers a consistent 2000-watt average power.

    Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator:

    Our Price: $525.00
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    Ultra Bike Tool by
    Ultra Bike Tool

    Featuring 19 tools, the Ultra-Tool contains everything you need to repair and maintain your bike during or between rides, including:

    Ozark Trail Hobo Tool by
    Ozark Trail Hobo Tool

    This Ozark Trail Hobo Tool has everything you need to enjoy a meal while camping or on the trail. You'll have a stainless steel fork, spoon, knife, bottle opener and more in one convenient tool. This 7-in-1 tool is a practical outdoor accessory with many uses and will make a nice addition to your accessory collection.

    Ozark Trail Hobo Tool:

    Our Price: $3.97
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    Buffalo Tools Sportsman Camping Single Gas Stove by
    Buffalo Tools Sportsman Camping Single Gas Stove



    Our Price: $19.80
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    Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack with Multitool, Flashlight, and Fire Starter by
    Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack with Multitool, Flashlight, and Fire Starter

    The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack is a must-have for hikers, trekkers, and campers. This 15-piece kit comes in a locking carrying case and includes a wide variety of tools for use in any situation. Packed with 12-component multi-tools, the Bear Grylls survival kit features essential instruments such as miniature light, fire-starter rod, wire cutter, wood saw, and scissors. It also includes a set of small and medium flathead screwdrivers, a Philips head screwdriver, bottle opener, and more. A survival guide and blanket are included in this handy Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack. As the tool pack easily attaches to belts or backpack straps, it is quite portable. The durable rubber covering on the tools offers enhanced grip, making the Gerber survival pack perfect for any weather condition.

    Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack:

    Our Price: $53.05
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    Coleman 8' Propane Hose by
    Coleman 8' Propane Hose

    The Coleman 8 Propane Hose can be attached to a bulk adapter, propane tee, or distribution tree easily. The LP gas hose connector can be used as an extension as it is eight-feet long. The Coleman stove hose is compatible with Coleman LP gas appliances. This high-pressure hose is durable and offers reliable performance.

    Coleman 8' Propane Hose:

  • Attaches to distribution tree, propane tee, or bulk adapter
  • Compatible with Coleman LP gas appliances
  • Made in the USA

  • Our Price: $24.97
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    Buffalo Tools Sportsman Camping Dual Gas Stove by
    Buffalo Tools Sportsman Camping Dual Gas Stove



    Our Price: $35.10
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